Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Is Coming Up

Hey guys, today we had an ice cream "party" in Math class. It was after our math quiz, so the teacher let us eat ice cream, (we had to volume of the cone), then we had ice cream. Tomorrow's Spirit Day, so we get to wear something pink, white, red, or purple, but if we don't have any of those, we have to wear uniform. We also have a 4 day weekend! Tuesday is Prayer Day so the teachers are at school, but we get to stay home and stuff. Tween Blogger and I made some art stuff for Valentine's Day, and it looks pretty cool. I'll post it on Insta when its Valentine's Day. The girl's first volleyball game went well, but the guy's soccer game was really bad. Um, I'm also watching 90210 on Netflix, and it's pretty good. Our class watched National Treasure, but since most of band wasn't there on Friday (the 7th graders started watching it), we saw kind of the other half of it. So yeah, um... idk what else.
Post more later!

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