Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How My Summer Is

Hey guys,
It's been sooooo longgg!!!! It's summer now, but I have to go to summer school. :( ugh. Anyway, I got a MacBook Air from school to use over the summer and 8th grade, and band also had a bowling party, so it was pretty fun!!! Yesterday, it was my first day of summer school and in Geometry class, I had 81 problems to do. Today, the teacher told us it was wrong, and that would have been a week's homework. Today, I don't have that much homework so its okay. There are these super annoying guys that cuss, and talk like crazy. Whatever, anyway, my birthday is coming up!!! Soon..... and I might have a birthday party, don't know yet. Hope the Warriors win. GO WARRIORS!!! K, bye. Talk Later!

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