Monday, November 24, 2014

Heritage Day

Hey guys,
so tomorrow we have Heritage Day. It's where you bring food from your culture, and something that's been in your family for a long time, like that was passed on throughout your family (ex: baby shoes).
It's also a half-day for us so starting from Wednesday, its no school.... obviously until its Monday again. We also have a Christmas Decorating Contest for middle school only, where we just put as many decorations as we want, and whoever has the most in the class, wins. I don't know what they win, but its a prize..probably. We might end the half day watching a movie or something. IDK. I hope people bring good food, and stuff.
Happy Thanksgiving Week!
Oh, yeah. Today we played soccer during P.E. and I made the 1st goal. It was boys against girls (4-5 boys, and a lot of girls)
I forgot who won.
Bye! ---I'm going to say it again, but watch Raising Hope!

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