Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hey guys, so yesterday I went to my friends house for a sleepover. It was awesome. Sunshine Rainbow Girl, The Life of Diana D, Tween Blogger, and Isabelle were there. I was kind of late because I had a class. We basically watched Dance Moms, and Modern Family. We also prank called people, took selfies, and did the Whisper Challenge. There were also jelly beans ( gross ones too ). I think I ate the dog food one, and I spit it out. We kept prank calling for a while, and my friends mom told us to go to bed. Two people slept on the bed, and the rest of us slept on the floor. (we brought sleeping bags). We were singing our theme song for math: Y=mx+b. That was funny. Some people fell asleep really fast. I tried sleeping, but then it got really hot. After a while, I just whispered random stuff to Diana D.; cuz she was sleeping next to me. Oh yeah, we also planned to wake up at 3:30, but most of us didn't even hear the alarm. We woke up at 6:00, and fell asleep at 7:00. Then at 8:00, we all woke up again. This morning, my friends mom made a lot of waffles, and they were good. Before that, we were all in her room watching PLL. That was chill. After finishing the waffles, we watched some more Dance Moms, and a lot of my friends' moms came. And now I'm home.
Happy Sleepover!

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